Cancellation Party of Three

First and foremost I would like to shamefully apologize to those who I have hurt because of my depression and anxiety... To those who I have abandoned at social gatherings without any notice. To those who I have screened an abundance of calls and texts, because I was too busy being “unbusy”. And lastly to… Continue reading Cancellation Party of Three


Broken Crayons Still Color

As a child I vividly recall coloring pictures of things such as flowers, people, and places I’d imagined in my budding mind, to subsequently showcase them to my parents. In return, my parents would encourage me with compliments like “It’s beautiful” and “Good job!”. When creating my masterpieces I became so captivated in my process, that… Continue reading Broken Crayons Still Color

Me Too

  “Me too” This is “newly” empowering campaign started by activist Tarana Burke, that I have witnessed numerous women bring forth onto their social media. In itself this phrase symbolizes the voice of women (of color in particular) who have ever been sexually harassed or assaulted. The goal of this movement is to educate individuals… Continue reading Me Too