I Can’t Relate

Imagine having to sit your unapologetically black ass down and vent about your life obstacles, repentance, and embarrassments to an individual whom you have never met. Better yet imagine conversing with that same individual who may have already passed judgment about you prior to your “Thank you for taking time to meet with me today.”... Continue Reading →

Mind Your Body

A few days ago, I was graced to have had the opportunity of conversing with one of my readers regarding. First and foremost, I am still in awe that one of my readers reached out to me! That alone is enough reassurance that MindMyMelanin is impacting lives. People are reading. But more importantly they are... Continue Reading →

June is For PTSD

I am almost certain one of the first things that came to mind when you read the title was war survivors. Perhaps even military veterans. What about a natural disaster? Terrorist attacks such as 9/11? Or even domestic and/or sexual abuse? All of the previously listed may very well cause an individual to develop PTSD.... Continue Reading →

Cancellation Party of Three

First and foremost I would like to shamefully apologize to those who I have hurt because of my depression and anxiety... To those who I have abandoned at social gatherings without any notice. To those who I have screened an abundance of calls and texts, because I was too busy being “unbusy”. And lastly to... Continue Reading →

Broken Crayons Still Color

As a child I vividly recall coloring pictures of things such as flowers, people, and places I’d imagined in my budding mind, to subsequently showcase them to my parents. In return, my parents would encourage me with compliments like “It’s beautiful” and “Good job!”. When creating my masterpieces I became so captivated in my process, that... Continue Reading →

Hot Coco with a side of S.A.D

  Baby it’s cold outside, and I’ve gotten S.A.D. I’m not suggesting to the type of sad you get from a messy break-up. Or the type of a sad you develop from your goldfish swimming their last swim. I am referring to Seasonal Affective Disorder, also commonly known as Seasonal Depression.   "So what exactly... Continue Reading →

Me Too

  “Me too” This is “newly” empowering campaign started by activist Tarana Burke, that I have witnessed numerous women bring forth onto their social media. In itself this phrase symbolizes the voice of women (of color in particular) who have ever been sexually harassed or assaulted. The goal of this movement is to educate individuals... Continue Reading →

For Colored Girls

As a dark-skinned black woman I never realized how much time I wasted attempting to validate my beauty and worth to society. I think that’s just the issue. I tried to validate things that never needed to be validated. Being a darker-skinned woman is rarely associated with the term beautiful by itself. In addition, it... Continue Reading →

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